My Photography Journey

I want to start a blog about my photography.  I won’t be using any of my “people” photography as I do not wish to get into a legal battle or any other battle for that matter.  I enjoy photography so much.  These days I have learned that everyone is a “photographer,” however I have learned that everyone has their own styles and/or things they like to photograph.  I happen to really like nature.  I also love that with all of the editing software out there you can turn your images into beautiful works of art.  Even make a buck or two if you know how to market your work.  I am still learning that aspect.  I do enjoy people photography but these days it’s so hard to please each and every person out there.  Like I said everyone is a “photographer” these days.  Everyone has a vision of how their images should look and if you as the actual photographer are not let into their ideas things can go south very quickly.

Well now that my little introduction and rant, if you will, is done I’d like to begin by saying that my very dear friend Marti Bopp is the one that helped me develop my passion so deeply.  She has encouraged me to move forward in my photography.  She is an amazing photographer herself by all rights.  She has taken classes and developed her skills.  As I type this she has probably edited about 50+ photos of the amazing area where she lives.  I will say that I miss her greatly but she has decided to stop travel nursing and take a core position closer to her home, her family and most importantly her granddaughter.

A little bit about our friendship….Marti and I met a few years ago when she took a travel assignment in the town where I live.  She wanted to know where to go to see some of the sandhills and take some pictures.  I gave her a mapped out route to take and off she went.  Well next time she worked she had this crazy story to tell us about how she traveled on dirt roads and her “Geeps” (GPS) didn’t speak to her for a long period of time until she happeded upon a highway and “Geeps” blurted out turn left!!  It was from then on that she said she would never be out of sight of the very power lines she cursed for ruining her pictures.  She and I hit it off great.  I had become the navigator and she the driver.  Oh don’t get me started on her driving.  Let’s just say we have some amazing and crazy adventures.  We traveled all over the state of Nebraska and parts of Iowa.

I will soon start to share with you the very images of my journey that I am speaking of.  I hope that you will follow along with me and leave your comments, questions or thoughts as we go along.


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