One of many trips…Ogallala to North Platte

Here are a few originals and edits that I have done.  These are images that I took when traveling with Marti and the “dragon killers” Margeaux and Scamper.  The first image is at Boot Hill in Ogallala, Nebraska. The second image is at one of the local MD’s ponds (we had permission to photograph there). The third image is of “Front Street” in Ogallala, Nebraska.  The final image is of trees along the North Platte River in Hershey, Nebraska.  Now I know that some people out there will find my edits unorthodox but I tend to think outside the box or at least I am trying to.  I like to challenge the thought processes of the “conventional.”  Hope you enjoy!!303638_168976383177294_3836877_n303638_168976383177294_3836877_n307075_168978453177087_1495892_n307075_168978453177087_1495892_n319256_168976406510625_7090109_n319256_168976406510625_7090109_n304282_168977736510492_6141751_n304282_168977736510492_6141751_n


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