A New Year Is Upon Us…

And so we begin the monotonous New Year tradition of making resolutions for the year.  I have decided I have let things go too long. This year is about new beginnings, new hope and more love. This year I will make not a resolution but goals. A goal to love more, live more, be more, do more, see more, give more and not to have more.

This year my parents moved back home to Louisiana leaving my sister, her husband, my husband and myself here in Nebraska. My sister and I now rely on each other more than we ever have before. I owe her plenty for making our Thanksgiving and Christmas as traditional as she could. She has done an amazing job of cooking the meals. She definitely got the “cooking gene” that I did not. I can only hope to follow a receipe as good as she throws stuff together.

I have a photography goal of one picture a day. I was invited to this challenge via a Facebook group I am a member of. Well friends, family and followers I accept the challenge! I hope that I can make this interesting and something you will look forward to each day.

Enough babbling….I hope that each and every one of you is safe, happy, healthy and prosperous this year.



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