Okay so I am several days behind now…well let me tell you it’s certainly not because I am lazy or can’t keep up with this photo-a-day challenge.  Since visiting the Eagles on Friday I have had to deal with drainage pipe issues at my house.  It has damn near caused chaos in my house between my husband and I.  It got really bad Monday morning around 6AM when I decided to do a load of laundry since I was up.  I put the clothes in the washer and started and I usually forget about it till I hear it click done and I go put the clothes in the dryer.  Well I heard it click and I did as I normally do then decided I was going to go back to bed for a little while.  BIG MISTAKE!  I walked past the bathroom door to discover an inch of water on the floor along with this sludge in the tub and toilet.  I was livid!  I texted my husband some “choice” words and basically said I have had it!! GET IT FIXED!!

He called the plumber and we had “Company #1” come out…Well they sent “Tweedledee” and “Tweedledum” and they augured the line going away from the house put antifreeze down the line and told us to let the water trickle because there was ice and a soap scum build up in the line.  So being good patrons we did as they told us only to wake up from our nap to the sound of pipes gurgling.  We springing out of bed to find the water backing up in the sink.  So we let it drain vvveeerrryyy ssslllooowwwlllyyy.  Now mind you we can’t wash clothes or dishes nor can we shower or use the toilet.  If you have had to be without these amenities for any period of time then you have felt my suffering.  There was nothing we could do this night as both of us had to work overnight.  So we used as little water as possible to clean up before work and that was that.

Next morning…I phone “Company #1” again and stated that we needed to figure out what needed to be done as the problem I had reported yesterday is still not fixed.  I was passed around to several people to whom I had to explain my issue to each time.  By the time I was to the correct person I am…well I’ll just say it I am pissed.  I explain my story ONE more time to this guy and he tells me “Tweedledee” is not in yet but he will visit with him upon arrival and call me back.  I have yet to get a phone call back.

I am too pissed at “Company #1” to even try to call again so my husband calls “Company #2” they were at my house in 20 minutes.  ONE guy came ALONE and spent 3 hours at my house trying to fix the problem and finally discovered that we had an outdated trap under the house causing the sludge, 3 feet of it in fact, to back up.  He cut the old trap out replaced it with new and did a few other preventative measures.  He turned the faucet in the tub and the sink on full blast and let it run.  He said if it was going to back up somewhere he was going to be there when it happened and he would fix it. THANK GOD nothing backed up.  He is my hero!!!!


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