Team Paula

Today we launched a tee spring campaign for our friend and coworker Paula Bagnell. Paula is a spectacular RN that has worked in the ICU at GPRMC for eons. She is also a Flight RN. She it’s fighting Stage IV Non-hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She is a super rock star that has been through her first round of chemo while still working passing with flying colors. She is a very strong faith-based woman and she’s not afraid to tell you or show you. She loves to dance and that’s her way of celebrating her life and the joy of all of our friendships. So please join us in raising Lymphoma awareness by making a purchasing from the following tee spring campaign site:

We have a goal of 100 sold items. The printer will only take our design to production if we meet that goal. This has to happen no later than February 9th at 7pm CST. All proceeds will go to Paula and her family.

UPDATE:  Paula has decided to donate all of the funds raised for her to Baby Kohen.  Kohen was born with a Neuroblastoma from underdeveloped nerves.  He and his family have had to make several trips to Children’s Hospital for tests and treatments.


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